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Sunday, January 31, 2010

FREE Amazon Kindle for the PC

I downloaded Amazon Kindle for PC and am delighted.  It isn't necessary to own a hand held Kindle to read the books that are available.  You can download a Kindle on your PC and read Kindle books on it.

There are free books and then there are best sellers.  The best sellers are cheaper than print books, about $9.99 some are less and a few are more.  It's an exciting adventure I'm on and looking forward to putting some of my own writing on Kindle.

I can get Dan Brown's 'The Lost Symbol' for $9.60--downloaded to my Kindle.  The print book on Amazon is $29.95

A feature I found interesting is that Paulo Coelho has decided to make 17 of his books, including the iconic O Alquimista (The Alchemist), available exclusively on Kindle.

I am currently waiting to see when Annon's Secret Something Within is available on Kindle.  I made the price remarkable low.

Stay tuned.

Check it out.  I have a link on the top left.  See if it's for you.

Amazon Kindle for the PC

Annon's Secret Something Within - A Novel

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